What is React Native?

In This blog we will explain what is react native?

React Native is a javascript framework used to develop real , native mobile application for Android and iOS. Basically it’s a cross plateform framework.

React Native is built on React JS , So with the help of react js and React Native you can build an Android and iOS plateform.

React Js is a library which is dependent from react native.

React Native are native app. The user interface and everything are compiled to native code.

Advantage of React Native

  1. Cross Platform Mobile app : If you are learning java or swift then for android and iOS you have to learn 2 different languages and maintain 2 different source code. Where using react native you just need to learn single language and maintain single source code for iOS and android as react native is cross platform library which runs on both android and iOS.
  2. Class performance : React native code can be compiled in native code so it run in both operating system and work same way.
  3. Javascript: To create mobile apps using react native you just need to have knowledge of javascript So it will be very easy to learn and develop fast.
  4. Community : ReactJs and React Native community is very huge so it is very easy to find any help wherever you stuck.
  5. Hot Reloading : You can view your changes very quickly on simulator , As soon as you will change your code it’s reloaded on live. So as you change you can view your change.

Disadvantage of React Native

  1. Difficult to debug : It is very difficult and hard to debug react native mobile app.
  2. Hard to determine user interface : If your mobile app has multiple animations , interactions then react native will not be the right choice.

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