React Native Crash Course

Hello Friends,

Welcome to my new Tutorial , React Native.

In This new tutorial, I am going to teach you complete react native course end to end.

I will cover all theory along with practical examples so when you finish this course you should have full understanding of building an app using React Native.

I am going to teach you building mobile app using expo which is very easy and fast way to develop your own app.


  • You should have little bit knowlege of Javascript
  • You should have little bit knowledge of React Js as React native is built on React js
  • You don’t require any knowledge/experience of Android , Java, Swift etc.

What you will Learn?

  • Building Mobile app for iOS and android using ReactJs
  • Develop Cross Plateform mobile apps without knowing swift or java

What we are going to Cover in this Tutorial?

  • What is React Native?
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