Magento Tutorial – Part 1 – What is Magento

Magento Tutorial  – Part 1 – What is Magento


Are you Beginner and want to learn something new!

You are at right place, You can learn magento from Us and become Magento Developer.

So Let’s Start

So First Before Start Magento Programming you should know What is Magento, Why we use it and what you can do from Magento.

What is Magento?

  •  Magento is an Ecommerce Open Source Plateform , which is wrriten in php.
  •  Magento is Build By Varien Company Whos CEO is Roy Rubin.
  • Magento’s Development was started in 2007 and it was launched for public by 2008
  • After Some time Ebay acquired Magento and in June 2018 Adobe Acquired it.
  • Magento journey started with Magento 1 and Now You can see Magento2 is running
  • There is huge difference between Magento 1 and Magento2 which we will explain in our next post
You can also Watch our video to know about Magento we have prepared video in both language (Hindi and English) so everyone can learn magento in easy language
English Version

Hindi Version

What you can do from Magento?

  • You can Build an ecommerce website from Magento and Sell your product online
  • With Magento You can sell Simple Product , Different Types of Varients products like thsirt , electronics , you can sell digital products, you can sell downloadable product, you can sell service type product , you can bundle your product and sell it like if you are sellling computer then you can bundle it with mouse and keyboard and sell it , Magento has this all features.
  • With Magento You can Manage Payment methods , Shipping Methods
  • With Magento you can check report of your revenue easily.
  • If you are non technical person still you can build an ecommerce website without help of technical person and run your ecommerce business online , How you can build your ecommerce website easily with no coding skills we will show in our upcoming post.

How I can get Magento?

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