MACH Architecture

MACH Architecture

MACH is an eCommerce Architecture which is design to make the system highly flexible and scalable and it is a complete game changer in eCommerce journey.

MACH Stands for Micro-service , API-first , Cloud Native , Headless Architecture

The world of eCommerce is moving from monolithic system to MACH system in order to stay competitive. Monolithic architecture are no longer to keep up with the demands of modern businesses.

What is MACH?

  • Microservice : MACH is based on Microservice architecture, where platform is build into small modules and can be deployed separately on either same instance or separate instance as business needs. It makes business life much easier to launch new functionality in less time and without disturbing any other functionality. With Microservices , Testing becomes very easy.
  • API-First : All functionality in MACH is exposed through API, APIs can be Rest API , GraphQL or Soap API depends on needs. This allowes business to integrate with frontend technology to build website , or integrate with any services like erp , CRM etc.
  • Cloud-Native : MACH is designed to perform faster and scalable. that is why it is residing in Cloud. The platform can be easily deployed and manged in various cloud platform like Amazon Aws , Azure , Google Cloud or any other cloud platform. Multiple Modules can be deployed on Single Instance using docker to reduce the cost or can be deployed on separate instance anytime to make it more scalable.
  • Headless : Finally, MACH is a Headless ecommerce architecture. It allows to build frontend website in any language (i.e. React , Angular , Vue, .Net etc.)

Monolithic Architecture

Monolithic Architecture

MACH Architecture



Flexibility : MACH is highly flexible and can be customize at any level to meet business requirement. It allows to add or remove features easily without disturbing any other features.

Fast Go to Market : With MACH , Business can go Live in very less time.

Scalability : MACH is design for high scalable and maintainable and can handle large amount of traffic and transactions. The Cloud-Native allows to scale up and down as business needs

Integrations : API-first approach make it easy to integrate with any platform.


  • More Complexity
  • Highly Expensive
  • Require Lots of Resources to Manage the System.
  • Hosting Cost will be high


Overall, MACH offers multiple benefits to scale the business and it is a future of eCommerce architecture.

It is Customizable , Scalable as per business needs. But business needs to take decision carefully while entering into MACH as they needs to understand their business needs and ROI compared to cost for MACH.

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