How to start blogging with wordpress

How to start blogging with wordpress

Blogging is one the of the best platform to share your thoughts, ideas and knowledge and experience with wide range of audience. For Blogging wordpress is the best platform as it is very easy to install and use. In this Guide we will show you step by step that how you can setup your blog website using wordpress.

Choose a Niche for your Blog

Before Start Blog , think about your niche in which you are passionate and have a knowledge. because you should start blogging with your interest. If you will start blogging for anything where you don’t have experience and don’t have interest then after sometime you will get bored and you will not have content to write , But if you will do blogging of your interest then there are no problems with content.

Choose a Domain Name

2nd Step is think about domain name related to your niche. Domain name is web address which people use to visit your blog. Choose a catchy domain name which is easy to remember and relevant to your niche and blog. You can purchase Domain name either from hostinger , godaddy or any other provider.

Purchase Hosting

Now Buy a Hosting for your blog, Hosting is a server where you get the storage to upload your wordpress website files and media files. You can buy either domain and hosting from same provider or different provider. If you are purchasing both from same provider then you don’t need to worry to connect domain and hosting, but if you are buying domain and hosting from different provider then you need to update hosting nameserver into your domain to connect your domain with hosting.

Setup WordPress

Now Login to your Hosting account , I am using Hostinger hosting so I will show you there.

Now click on Websites and then click on Create or Migrate website as shown below

How to start blogging with wordpress step 1

Now click on Blog from below screen

How to start blogging with wordpress step 2

Now click on Create New Website as shown below

Click on Create new website

Now Click on WordPress as shown below


Now Enter your wordpress admin password , Please keep it strong.


Now if you want to install any plugin you can select as shown below, or you can skip for now and install later as per your need.


Now choose the theme as shown below


and finally Select your domain as shown below


Wait for some time to setup the wordpress website


You will see as below


Now your Website is ready to start you can visit your website with and visit your admin using and enter your credential.

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