Html Styles

Html Styles

In this blog, I will explain you about html styles. If you are building a website then you need to give a good look and feel to website. this can be done by style attributes.

Below is the format for html style

<tagname style="property:value" ></tagname>

In style attribute you need to define property and its value. property is css property and value is css value.

Below is some example

I want to give a red color to text inside heading tag so below will be the syntax .

<h1 style="color:red"> CreatesWowtech </h1>

Below you can see its result

Now I want to give a Blue background to his H1 tag

<h1 style="color:red;background: blue;"> CreatesWowtech </h1>

Below will be the output

So Like this you can do styling and give look and feel to your website.

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