Html Heading

Html Heading

In this blog , I will explain about html headings, so please reads this blog till end to understand more about html headings.

Html headings are used for titles and subtitles in your html document which display in your web page.

Html Headings are defined with <h1> to <h6> tags

<h1> defines the main heading which is more important for every web page.

whereas <h6> defines the least important headings

It helps search engine to index your web page structure and it’s content which help you to rank your page in most of the search engines.

It also helps your visitors or subscribers to understand about your topic and it’s content if you will define your heading or subheading for all your contents.

Below is example of Headings

<h1> CreatesWowtech </h1>
<h2> CreatesWowtech </h2>
<h3> Createswowtech </h3>
<h4> Createswowtech </h4>
<h5> Createswowtech </h5>
<h6> Createswowtech </h6>

You can see result as below

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