Html Introduction

Html Introduction

Hello Folks, Today we will cover Html Introduction, If you are a learner and want to start your career in website building then you must read this blog till end.

What is HTML?

Html stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, It is used to website development.

Why using html and What is advantage to learn Html?

  • Create website : you can learn website or customize existing website if you learn html.
  • Become a web designer : If you are looking to start career as web designer then you should have knowledge of html and css
  • Website SEO : If you want to do Search engine optimization of website then Html is must to understand.
  • Learn other languages : If you want to learn any other languages then you should understand the basics of html atleast. so it will be easier to understand any language like php , java , react etc.

How to create Html file and it’s extension?

Now we will know what is the file extension for html file

You can create either .html or .htm extension to create html file

Examples : index.html , index.htm , test.html , test.htm etc.

By Default when you open any website index.html or index.htm is the default file.

Example of Simple Html

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <title>CreatesWow Tech Html Crash Course</title>
      <h1>Html Tutorial</h1>
      <p>Simple Example of html</p>
Html Introduction

What are the prerequistes to learn Html?

  • You should have basic understand of computer.
  • You should have little bit experience of notepad or any editor.
  • You should have knowledge of creating files and folders
  • You should have knowlege of type the content and save the files
  • You should have knowledge of image formats
  • That’s it and you are good to go.

Information of Free Text Editors

There are many Text editors are available in market, Below are some text editor which you can use

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