Html Attributes

Html Attributes

In today’s Blog I am going to cover about Html Attributes . So please ready this blog till end because it’s very important to understand about html attributes if you are working with html to build websites.

Using Html attributes you can provide additional information to html elements.

html attributes defines the characteristics of an html elements, Html attributes always defines inside start tag. It comes in key/value paid like name=”value”

Here name is the property of element and value is that what value you want to set for that property

Let’s understand html attributes with example

<h1 align="center"> CreatesWowtech </h1>
<p>Learn Html with Createswowtech</p>

Result will be as below

Here you can see we have added align attribute inside <h1> tag and the value is “center” and you can see the result that CreatesWowtech is displaying in center

Below are some important attributes which are majorly used

  • Id
  • title
  • class
  • style

Below are some more examples

<a href=">Createswowtech</>

Here we have used href attribute inside <a> tag.

Hope you find this blog very useful , Please share your feedback and comments with us and stay connected.

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